Saturday, August 9, 2014

Opening post

Welcome to my blog.

This blog is going to be mostly about mobility with a focus on the transition to alternative fuels, such as CNG, LPG, hydrogen and various types of electric drives. I have professional experience in a number of these fields.
I recently also started a similar blog in Dutch: mobiliteit in transitie. That blog focusses mainly on the Dutch market. In this blog I will focuss more on news that is interesting for an international audience, with some news from the Netherlands that may be interesting to outsiders as well as a focus on Europe and beyond.

This blog will be less active at first than my Dutch blog as I am still expanding that one with some ideas I had saved up before starting the blog. I will translate some of my posts from Dutch to here with occasionally some more new information and a more international focus. This blog will repost information from various sources where I have something interesting to add to it. This will include my opinions as well as some technical comments and explanations.

I hope you will find this an interesting and enjoyable blog.