Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Smart vehicle to grid charging station

Electricity grid operators in the Netherlands have approved the first smart vehicle-to-grid charging station that is suitable for feed-in from vehicles to the grid. This station has been added to the Elaad's register of approved charging stations. Elaad is a collaboration of Dutch grid operators that promotes electric vehicle charging.

Last year a field test was done in Utrecht. This allowed electric cars to be used for temporary storage of solar energy for later use. The charging station is made by General Electric and is the first station to support a 3x63 A grid connection. This high current connection enables for two electric vehicles to be charged and discharged simultaneously (2x 22 kW). This gives the station high flexibility for charging and discharging vehicles rapidly when there are peaks on the electric grid.

In future the grid can also be supplemented with power form hydrogen vehicles, or solar powered vehicles. Vehicles thus play an important role in creating a smart grid that is suitable for supplying increasing amounts of sustainable electricity.

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