Thursday, September 18, 2014

CNG keeps on growing in China

These past years, China has been one of the countries with the largest number of CNG stations (over 5,700) with a steady development. Both national and municipal governments support CNG and create policies to promote its use in an effort to reduce air polution and transport cost.

Aspro reported in a newsletter about its developments in China. For Aspro China is a strategic country both commercially and industrially. In a joint venture with Teesing, Aspro has been present in China for 4 years. The JV is called AsproTIS Beijing Co. Ltd.
Aspro TIS has established an industrial plant where compressors are assembled alongside other products in accordance with international quality and safety standards.

Aspro reports that through this JV they managed to sell 100 compressors in four years throughout China and are busy developing new projects in order to go ahead on their growth path.

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