Friday, September 5, 2014

First Dutch public hydrogen station opened

This week on 3rd september the first Dutch public hyrdrogen station was opened along the A15 highway near Rotterdam. This is intended to be the first of 20 public stations to be opened in the Netherlands until 2020.

Hydrogen is considered a clean alternative fuel for use in cities as it does not pollute the air as the only emission is water and because the electric drive is less noisy.

The Dutch ministry of Infrastructure and Environment will be the first user with their two Hyundai ix35 FCEVs. The location in Rotterdam was chosen as it is close to a hydrogen pipeline from Rotterdam to Belgium and France. In Rotterdam a major share of the hydrogen for the European market is produced. The station near Rotterdam is owned by the French company Air Liquide, which intends to build a larger European network of hydrogen stations.

Until recently only a few trucks, a delivery van and a number of busses used hydrogen. They could refuel at private stations in Amsterdam, Arnhem and Helmond. This new station makes hydrogen also available to passenger vehicles. Currently there are concrete plans to move the Amsterdam station to a location where it can be public as well as to upgrade the Helmond station so this station to can be made public.

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