Friday, September 5, 2014

CNG popular alternative in the Netherlands

A prognosis released by Aumacon shows that CNG is an increasingly popular alternative vehicle fuel in the Netherlands in 2014. Sales of NGVs will jump from 530 to 2,500, a spectacular 372% increase.

Sales by fuel type 2013 2014 prognosis     +/-
Petrol              264,586           257,000     -3%
Diesel              103,557             82,500    -20%
Hybrid (incl. PHEV and EREV)
                        43,335              34,000   -22%
LPG (factory fitted)
                          2,081                1,500   -28%
EV                      2,619                2,500     -5%
CNG (bifuel)          530                 2,500 +372%
Biofuels                  17                        0 -100%
Hydrogen                  1                       2 +100%

Total               416,726             380,000

Although no reasons have been provided it seems that changes in tax measures have driven a shift towards CNG. CNG is called 'groen gas' (green gas) in The Netherlands as (almost) all gas sold at public CNG stations is made green by purchasing certificates for biogas injected in the gas grid. A recent agreement intends to ensure that all CNG sold will be green by 2015.
Stimulation measures for green gas have hold firm, while many other alternative fuels saw their incentives reduced (PHEVs and EVs) or excises raised (LPG). Also in recent years a green gas filling station network has been rolled out.

This is an updated translation of an old article I published in Dutch earlier.

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