Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hyundai releases new European Tucson/ix35 FCV price

Earlier this month Hyundai announced to slash the Korean price of their Tucson Fuel Cell by 43% to the equivalent of US$ 77,000. Yesterday Hyundai announced the new price in Europe: € 55,000 (US$ 62,700). In the Netherlands that results in a consumer price of € 66,550 incl. VAT. In Europe the Tucson is called ix35. In comparison the Hyundai Fuel Cell is available in the USA for lease only at a monthly price of $ 499.

The new price is close to being a competitive offer to traditional cars with combustion engines. If Hyundai doesn't lose too much on it, it would mark a significant step towards making fuel cell vehicles competitive, although there still is a long way to go. The ix35 with combustion engine is available in the Netherlands at prices starting at € 27,495 (incl. VAT).


  1. Ballard Power perhaps? They mentioned deal with "an unnamed global automotive OEM" this week.

  2. nice, BLDP gonna go skyrocket monday!!!

  3. So far Hyundai has been building their own fuel cells afaik. If a deal was struck then that's unlikely to immediately affect prices: Ballard currently doesn't offer a 100 kW fuell cell and their technology requires 1.2 barg air inlet pressure. Its 75 kW fuel cell could power a Tucson if it was assisted by a larger battery pack than the Tucson currently has. A deal would only affect the next generation Tucson FCEV.